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Prof. Bingpu Zhou

University of Macau

Speech Title: Coupling of Magnetism with Flexible and Wearable Sensors
Abstract:  The rapid development of IoT indicates that human beings are playing an important role to interact and exchange information with the surroundings. Sensors that can real-time record and transmit multiple physiological signals of human beings facilitate the interaction with the complex environment and promote the advanced development of our society. In this presentation, we will introduce our recent work focusing on the coupling of magnetism with flexible sensing components, which is targeting to explore and broaden the applications of wearable devices for future human-machine interaction (HMI) systems. By using the intrinsic magnetic dipole property, we will show that the flexible magnetized microstructures can be applied to distinguish the force directions. This allows the establishment of directional sweeping interactions in a more straightforward manner. Also, the conversion of mechanical stimuli to electrical signals will be explained and demonstrated for wearable HMI applications, such as surface re-construction, and Morse code communications, etc. The working mechanism and optimization principle of magnetism coupling into flexible and wearable devices will be discussed in details.

Biography: Dr. Bingpu Zhou obtained his PhD degree from HKUST in 2015. He is currently an Associate Professor of Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering in University of Macau. Dr. Zhou also serves as the Associate Department Head of Department of Physics and Chemistry in Faculty of Science and Technology, and the Joint Associate Professor in Function Hub at HKUST (GZ). His group is mainly focusing on the optimization of flexible sensors with magnetism-mechanics-coupled effect, and functional surface/interface analysis. Some of the work have been published in Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, ACS Nano, and Nano Energy, etc. as first/corresponding author.

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