Programme accurate is available to download (Click) Please browse it and make your schedule in advance.
Here is the brief timetable for your reference.

Friday, October 11th , 2019 | All day-2F 雪柳 (Yukiyanagi)
10:00-17:00 Registration,collecting conference materials
Saturday, October 12th , 2019 | Morning-2F 桜 (Sakura)
9:00-9:05 Welcome Address and Opening Remarks
Prof. Hao Gong, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Chairman: Prof. Hao Gong

9:05-9:50 Keynote Speech I
Prof. Umemura Kazuo, Tokyo University of Science, Japan
9:50-10:35 Keynote Speech II
Prof. Mikio Ito, Osaka University, Japan
10:35-11:00 Coffee Break&Group Photo

Chairman: Prof. Umemura Kazuo

11:00-11:45 Keynote Speech III
Prof. Hao Gong, National University of Singapore, Singapore
11:45-12:15 Plenary Speech I
Prof. Yoshihiko Uematsu, Gifu University, Japan
12:15-12:35 Invite Speech I
Prof. Xiaoqiang Cui, Jilin University, China
12:35-13:30 Lunch
Saturday, October 12th , 2019 | Afternoon
7F 椿(Tsubaki) Oral Session 1: Biomedical Materials 13:30-15:30
7F 桔梗(Kikyo) Oral Session 2: Material Chemistry 13:30-15:30

Coffee Break

7F 椿(Tsubaki) Oral Session 3: Metal Material 15:45-18:15
7F 桔梗(Kikyo) Oral Session 4: Electronic Materials and Sensors 15:45-18:15
Free Time  
Sunday, October 13, 2019 | Morning
7F 橘(西)
(Tachibana ŸWest)
Oral Session 5: Nanostructures 09:00-10:15
7F 桔梗(Kikyo) Oral Session 6: Material Science and Engineering 09:00-10:15

Coffee Break

7F 橘(西)
(Tachibana ŸWest)
Oral Session 7: Nanomedicine 10:30-12:00
7F 桔梗(Kikyo) Oral Session 8: Nanocomposites 10:30-12:00


Sunday, October 13, 2019 | Afternoon
7F 橘(西) (Tachibana West) Oral Session 9: Carbon Nanotube and Graphene 13:00-15:30
2F 皐月(Satsuki) Oral Session 10: Nano Photoelectric Materials and Devices 13:00-15:30
7F 桔梗(Kikyo) Oral Session 11: Macromolecular Material 13:00-15:30
Coffee Break 15:30-15:45
7F 橘(西) (Tachibana West) Oral Session 12: Nanomaterials and Cell Applications 15:45-18:15
2F 皐月(Satsuki) Oral Session 13: Functional and Structural Materials 15:45-18:15
7F 桔梗(Kikyo) Poster Session 1: Nanomedicine and Nanoelectronics 15:45-18:15
Poster Session 2: Nanotechnology and Materials Science
Dinner@ 2F 睡蓮(Suiren) 18:15-19:30
Monday, October 14th, 2019 | All day
9:00-17:00 Optional One Day Visit