ICNNN 2021 Photo Vally


ICNNN 2021 was held online during October 14-16, 2021.

Proceedings (ISBN: 978-3-0357-2684-8)
Online and SCOPUS

Prof. Ramesh K. Agarwal, Washington University in St. Louis, USA

Prof. Kazuo Umemura, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Then seven sessions were held to discuss the latest research and new findings. For every session, one best oral presenter was selected by session chair. Congratulation extends to the winners below.

Session I
Presenter: Prang Subpa-asa
From: Tokai University, Japan
Title: The Study on Blast Furnace Slag on Different Conditions as Curing Condition and Blaine Value Ratio Influence Improving Strength Performance

Session II
Presenter: MOHAMAD Amin Jumat
From: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
Title: Tailoring the Everolimus Immobilisation Time on Poly (L-Lactic Acid/ Poly (D-Lactic Acid) Scaffold for Biodegradable Stent Coating Development

Session III
Presenter: Bin Li
From: Southeast University, China
Title: On the chirality-dependent adsorption behavior of volatile organic compounds on carbon nanotubes

Session IV
Presenter: Katarzyna Berent
From: AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland
Title: Limpets Shell Microstructure as an Inspiration for Synthetic Materials

Session V
Presenter: Biali Fernando Lima Rodríguez
From: Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico
Title: Parametric Modelling of Biomimetic Propulsion Systems for Underwater Vehicles

Session VI
Presenter: H. Kobori
From: Konan University, Japan
Title: Magneto-Transport Properties and Hole Self-Doping due to Excess Oxygen Addition in Polycrystalline LaMnO3

Session VII
Presenter: Menandro Marquez
From: Mapua University, Philippines
Title: Supercapacitive performance of electrochemically